We offer customized Whiteboard Animation video production services, specifically tailored to your needs while still keeping things affordable for you.

Animations are user-friendly, fun, effective and easily communicate a message – making them the best tool to promote your business product.

This is where we come in! We specialize in creating Animations that are awesome, vibrant and fun – all the while effectively communicating your brand’s message to your target market.

We offer customized video production services, specifically tailored to your needs while still keeping things affordable for you.

You will have Inspire Animation’s team of creative writers, storyboard writers, artists, illustrators, voice over artists, sound effects, music production and video producers at your disposal throughout the process.

Not only do you get high quality, creative videos from us, but we will also help you with certain aspects of marketing your product over the internet and Copywriting that will convert your readers into leads, and your leads to customers.

Our Services like 2D Animation, Diwali cards, Game Graphics, Motion Graphics, Whiteboard Videos etc. also available in us, uk, canada, australia, mumbai, delhi & more.

At our core, we are a dedicated and highly experienced video production company. We specialize in creating videos utilizing 2D animation techniques and kinetic typography.

Over the years our clients have asked us to use our exceptional 2D skills for creating :
• Company Presentations and introductions
• Corporate Movies
• Product Animations
• TV Commercials
• Explainer Videos
• Whiteboard Videos
• Medical Videos
• Motion Graphics Animation
• Animation in After Effects
• Ecards in Flash, Html5, Gif and static Jpg
• Character Animation with Lips Synchronization.
• Game Graphics and Character Animation for iOS and Android Apps
• Sprite-sheet Animation for Games
• Children’s Rhymes and Story Animations
• Vector Graphics
• Backgrounds in (3D) Photoshop

Ensuring Complete Client Satisfaction
Client Satisfaction is a huge deal at Inspire Animations, which is why we will give you special access to our Online Project Management System once you hire us. This access allows you to monitor our progress from the start and provide timely feedback to ensure that the final video is exactly what you envisioned, perhaps even better.

Wondering how we do it? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1 – Script / Audio / Voice over:
We set the ball rolling by asking you to provide your own or we can develop them for you from scratch. Script is the Foundation for any Animation. The more powerful and informative the Script is, the Animated Video will be more effective and fascinating for the Viewers. On the base of the Script, the Voice-over is recorded in your desired Accent by a Professional Male and / or Female VO Artist.

Step 2 – Storyboard:
On the base of the Script and the Voice-over, we create Storyboard illustrating timings and transitions of the scenes.

Step 3 – Production:
Once the Script, VO and Storyboard is finalized and approved, the actual production of animation starts. We keep updating you every few seconds of the Animation. Any tweaks / changes required by you is complied in due course.

Throughout the process, you will be able to provide feedback and request any changes that you might want to see.