Save the date videos are a COMPLETE rage and not just regular videos. They are basically millions of images clicked together quickly, and put together to make it look like a video.
You know how those flip books were there when we were kids????

We, Inspire Animation use the latest High Definition (HD) cameras that results in excellent quality output. Dolleys and cranes are used so as to produce low angle, truck and aerial shots. Anamorphic lens, wide lens, zoom lens, fish eye lens used by us provide a wide variety of shots.
Pin-up microphones, Boom microphones, Cordless microphones are just some of the microphones that Inspire animation is equipped with to capture high quality audio.

The camera crew at Inspire animation values the importance of good lighting. The camera crew understands that the lighting can make or mar a shot. The 3 point lighting system – Key light, Fill light, Back light is followed so as to illuminate the subject and avoid unwanted shadows.

Our team uses some of the high end lighting equipment such as Omni light, soft light, halogen, sungun etc. We ensure all shots are planned in advance. The props are properly placed. The shooting area is neat and clean. The shots are always shot using the tripod stand to avoid any possible jerks. This will result in smooth movement and better focus on the subject of capture.

We compose and sequence the shots in such a way that, it will leave a pleasant and appealing effect on the target audience.